Our Services

  • Centipede

    Functionality & Integration QA

    Your app has lots of gears and moving parts that bugs love to hide in. Our talented team of testers can take them out before they have a chance to scare off your users.

  • Mosquito

    UX Testing

    There’s more to software than just being functional. User experience testing will highlight areas of your website or app that may frustrate or disorient users, even when bugs aren’t causing trouble.

  • Tick

    Test Automation

    It can sometimes be worth the additional effort to automate the execution of repetitive or tedious tests, freeing up manual resources to concentrate elsewhere. If you’d like to explore whether automation is the right choice for your testing needs, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Moth

    Bug Base Management

    HermitQA team members are experienced in many bug tracking environments, but if you’re lacking your own, we’d be glad to set you up.

  • Roach

    Play Test Coordination

    Gathering player feedback can be an invaluable tool when optimizing your game or driving more in-app purchases, but where to start? We have experience coordinating playtests with hundreds of concurrent testers for the biggest giants in the mobile game industry. Give us a call!

  • Wasp

    Ad Testing

    Ads are crucial in today’s digital media landscape, so it is important that they appear when and where they’re supposed to. Our team of QA experts can ensure your users never miss so much as a mid-roll.

  • Ants

    Load Testing

    An unexpected surge in user activity should be a dream come true, rather than a potential nightmare. Load testing helps us reveal whether your app or website can safely scale to the necessary demand, rather than buckling under the weight.

  • Beetle

    Game Testing

    HermitQA loves two things: catching bugs and video games. When you combine these two passions, you can be sure we mean business. Whether it’s functional testing, performance, metrics, or compliance; HermitQA has your back.

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About Us

Since 2017, HermitQA has been proud to provide remote software testing services to developers worldwide. Leveraging a decentralized approach since being founded, HermitQA isn’t only well adapted to the work-from-home landscape of a post-COVID world, we helped pioneer the approach. 

Our model enables us to adapt to any client’s release schedule, and we maintain a robust employee skills training program so that our offerings are always competitive.

Our team is comprised of passionate QA professionals from Canada with an impressively diverse skill set. Our hiring process focuses heavily on technical ability plus communication skills, as we strive to provide as efficient and personable a service as possible.

If you’d like to know more about us, please get in touch with us or read through some of our testimonials below!

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Our Team

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Kevin HéliasOwner & CEO

A Computer Science & Mathematics graduate from Vanier College, Kevin’s ten-plus years of experience as a tech consultant and QA analyst include being part of the metrics and performance testing efforts for such games as: Life Is Strange, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Just Cause 3 among others. In addition to seeing hundreds of apps and websites through from conception to post-launch as a QA Analyst, he has also directed external play testing efforts for mobile game giants like King.

When not working, he is likely out walking his dog Noob, trying out a new VR game on his Index, or tinkering with a game design concept in Unity.

Jedd PribadiLead QA Analyst

One of the three original Hermits, Jedd’s wealth of experience from testing dozens of mobile applications and web platforms is one of the company’s major founding pillars. A credit to his background as an IT professional, Jedd’s detail oriented and analytical approach has helped squash more bugs than we can count.

In his downtime you’re likely to find Jedd watching his favorite eSports event on Twitch, hiking with his girlfriend, and dog Apollo, or experimenting in the kitchen. He’s a big Civ 5 player, having logged over 1000 hours!

Philippe ArseneauLead QA Analyst

A veteran tester with over a decade of testing experience, Phil’s technical expertise is a big piece of the HermitQA puzzle. The swiss army knife of the team, he’s always pushing the pace and adding new skills to his arsenal.

Phil never misses an opportunity to make a Simpsons’ reference, and is one of the biggest live music fans out there. If there’s a band out there worth seeing, Phil’s already seen them twice.

Esther Handy-MalouinSenior QA Analyst

A QA veteran with a strong background in community organizing, Esther’s continuously positive attitude, testing prowess, and communication abilities are a big reason why people love working with us.

In addition to holding things down at HermitQA, Esther is also working towards her Bachelor in Education. Witcher 3 and Civilization 6 have a special place in this gamer’s heart, and she also enjoys drumming (poorly) in her free time.

Jay IsenbergQA Analyst

Having experience working with at-risk and special needs populations, as well as being a professional artist, gives Jay a testing edge few can boast when it comes to sussing out visual, usability and accessibility related issues.

He is proud to be the first and only Hermit to ever log a RuPaul related bug, and is a huge fan of the indie game scene, with a particular affinity for platformers.

Cody MonetteQA Analyst

A fantastic tester in his own right, Cody particularly excels when a manager with strong communication skills is needed. Often one to raise morale with a joke, it’s no wonder he was the social media director for the award winning Great Canadian Cider Company.

Cody is a big hockey nut and prides himself on being one of only three Dallas Stars fans in all of Canada. His happy place is playing Shadow of the Colossus.

Ask to hear his David Bowie impression if you ever get the chance.


Natalie WalczAdministration & Human Resources

A recent transplant from Toronto to Montréal, Natalie lends her wealth of experience in HR and admin to the HermitQA family while she continues to pursue her CHRP certification.

In her free time Natalie enjoys cooking, singing, playing old school video games, and attending amusement parks and festivals. She is also a lifelong Muppets fan.

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Reviews & Testimonials

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“With a wide and deep understanding of the QA process, HermitQA is the best outsourced group I have worked with in my almost 20 years in Quality Assurance. They soon became an integral part of our development team, becoming an extension, not separate of my internal QA team for many years. Because of their professionalism, reliability, scalability while retaining high quality work, and a great demeanor, they are my first choice when I need any Quality Assurance support.”– Adam Goodwin, QA Manager One Legal.
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“I’d like to thank HermitQA for supporting Reach4Help’s vision of building open-source and accessible tools to help those in need. Having a competent QA team volunteer their time during our initial launch was invaluable. They provided us with a thorough Quality Assurance pipeline, and their considerable experience with building and releasing products helped bring us to the finish line. We’re glad to have collaborated with such nice and brilliant quality assurance professionals, and would highly recommend their services!”– Pedro Filipe, Co-Founder Reach4Help.
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