We offer a wide array of quality assurance and testing services to mobile-app, web & game developers. If you’re unsure whether the service you need is listed below, feel free to contact us.

Functionality & Integration Testing

Your app has lots of gears and moving parts. Our team’s depth of experience allows us to design and execute test plans so we catch every bug.

UX Testing

Usability experience testing will highlight areas of your website or app that may frustrate or disorient users, despite working as the design team intended.

Test Automation

Testing that is generally repetitive or static in nature, such as regression, load or smoke testing, can be automated This has the benefit of cutting down on manual testing; driving down long term costs. If you’d like to explore whether automation is the right choice for your testing needs, feel free to contact us.

Ad Testing

Ads are a crucial element in today’s digital landscape, and an ad that misfires could cost you more than a little revenue. Our experienced testers can ensure that your users will be seeing the ads you need them to see.

Load Testing

An unexpected surge in user activity should be a dream come true, rather than a potential nightmare. Load testing will reveal if your app or website is safe to scale to the necessary user volume, rather than buckling under the weight.


Launching a new venture and need help building out your own testing team? Whether you need an in-house, vertically organized team of testers, or a single automation resource to consult during code pushes and sprints, we can help you manage your hiring needs.

Play test management

Our team is unique in that it can boast coordinating play testing for the highest grossing casual games in the mobile marketplace. Even managing hundreds of play testers doesn’t phase us.

QA Staffing

Need a hand seeking out talented QA talent for your indie game project? We'd love to help you out.

About us

Hermit QA was founded in spring 2017 with the intention of providing flexible and efficient testing services to businesses and developers worldwide while also affording our employees the freedom and tools to develop new skills or improve old ones. Our name stems from our choice to employ a decentralized, work-from-home approach which would enable us to tailor our availability to our clients’ needs, while simultaneously affording our team the benefit of avoiding the wasted time, stress and delays related to the daily commute or weather
(we’re Canadian, eh).

Our dedicated team of QA professionals and extended network of development consultants are comprised of passionate, motivated individuals, who, in addition to software testing prowess, possess a diversified skill set including but not limited to project management, art design, web development, market research and social media management.

Jedd Pribadi

Senior QA Analyst

One of the three original Hermits, Jedd’s wealth of experience testing dozens of mobile applications and web platforms is one of the company’s major founding pillars. A credit to his background as an IT professional, Jedd’s detail oriented and analytical approach has helped squash more bugs than we can count.

In his down time, you’re likely to find Jedd watching his favorite eSports event on Twitch, hiking with his girlfriend, and dog Apollo, or DM’ing a game of D&D for his friends. He’s an avid gamer and has put nearly 1000 hours into Civilization V.

Jay Isenberg

QA Analyst

Having years of experience teaching special needs children and experience as a professional artist gives Jay a testing edge few can boast when it comes to sussing out visual, usability and accessibility related issues.

He will vouch for RuPaul having multiple good albums and is a big fan of the indie game scene, with a particular affinity for Stardew Valley.

Glib Lakeev

Lead QA Analyst

Glib’s a veteran web and mobile applications tester who can also boast an impressive history as playtest coordinator for some of the highest grossing mobile games on the market. He was also most recently a community outreach director and junior developer for the Boomeo division of WME/IMG.

Playing hockey and snowboarding keep Glib busy during the cold Montreal winters, whereas in the summer he’s a good bet to show up at any given rock concert. He has several generations of Super Smash bros. ready to go in his living room at all times and can dribble with the best of them in Rocket League.

Natasha Melbrew

Team Coordinator & Lead QA analyst

The engine that runs the Hermit QA machine. Natasha’s passion for order, standard for quality and logistical wizardry make her an ideal leader on any project. With over a decade of experience managing teams spanning the retail, market research, and tech industries, she excels at optimizing the output of all those around her through organization and savvy planning.

Natasha plays as hard as she works. She enjoys hiking and camping, building her own furniture, and is among the rare few who have completed the San Camino pilgrimage across Spain. Nothing makes Natasha happier than a job well done, but if you’re looking to get on her good side, some fine whiskey or cheese wouldn’t hurt.

Cody Monette

QA Analyst

The newest member of the Hermit team. A fantastic tester in his own right, Cody excels particularly when a manager with strong communication ability is needed. Often one to raise morale with a joke, it’s no wonder he was the social engagement director for the award winning Great Cider Company.

Cody is a big hockey nut and prides himself on being one of only three Dallas Stars fans in all of Canada. His favourite video game is Shadow of the Colossus and you should ask to hear his David Bowie impression if you ever get the chance.

Kevin Hélias


A CEGEP Vanier educated developer, Kevin’s ten-plus years of experience as a tech consultant and QA analyst include being part of the metrics and performance testing effort for games such as: Life is Strange, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Just Cause 3, among others. In addition to seeing hundreds of apps and web sites from conception to post-launch as a software tester, he has also directed external play testing efforts for mobile game giants such as King.

When not working, he’s taking walks with his german shepherd, Noob, playing the latest FPS on PC, or trying out a new game design concept in Unity.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in discussing how we might help you with your quality assurance needs, or if you think you’re the next great addition to our rapidly growing team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.